Tahlia René a Public Health Major at the University of Austin in Texas recently claimed that she was banned from Tinder for being transgender. When she checked her profile, she realized that the profile was removed from the app.

Though Tahlia said that she had never broken any rule or policy laid out by the dating app, the company stated that she had been violating the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines in some way. Tahlia believes that she has been removed just because she is a transgender and because some men reported her. The same men didn’t get banned when she reported them for harassing her.

Is Tinder Really Promoting Gender Inclusivity?

This incident occurred just months after the day when Tinder claimed that the company promoted gender inclusivity and mentioned that no one would be banned just because of their gender. The statement also highlighted that the company intended to provide training to the staff to ensure that the challenges faced by people of transgender and gender non-conforming communities can be resolved easily.

History Repeats Itself?

This is not the first time Tinder has been accused of being biased. A vlogger and illustrator, Kat Blaque was also banned for being a transgender. At that time, the company apologized to Blaque on social media and restored the account. The company also said that believing in acceptance and inclusivity is a core value for Tinder.

Even after the apology was made, Blaque checked her phone and discovered that her profile was still not there and she accused the company of not meeting its promises and making false claims.

Tinder’s Response

A spokesperson from Tinder spoke on the issue and stated that the company still stands by its promise of including everyone on the app without considering their gender preference. The company spokesperson also said that no one is ever removed from Tinder just because of their gender, but the company needs to take its user reports and community guidelines seriously to ensure that the app remains a safe space for every user.

The spokesperson refused to share details regarding specific investigations or users and reiterated that all users are held according to the same standards. It was mentioned that users are also removed from tender if they are found violating the terms of use or community guidelines.

Do you think Tinder needs to be a bit more tolerant and give reasoning for such decisions? Let us know by commenting below!

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